Facial Acupuncture

You may have heard about this revolutionary facial treatment but not realised it is on offer in the Winchcombe and Cheltenham practice.  Anna is fully trained and experienced in providing factial acupuncture treatment.

Whether you live a life full of laughter and cheer, or are permanently perplexed and puzzled, it’s very likely your face will reflect it. Smiling, laughing and frowning are the chief culprits in causing lines and crows’ feet around your eyes, mouth, brow forehead and even neck. So if becoming a BOTOX  'junky' is not for you there is now a completely natural alternative to help smooth away those wrinkles – facial acupuncture an exciting new treatment. Having undergone further specialised training only available to qualified acupuncturists Anna can create the same smooth finish by using tiny inter-dermal needles.  These needles are placed on acupuncture points around the face and along lines and wrinkles to stimulate the skin to produce more collagen which lifts the face.

If lines and wrinkles are the least of your worries or if you’re someone for whom the start of Spring with its changes in energy, brings migraines, headaches and allergies then it is an ideal time to have acupuncture which can help keep your system balanced.

Acupuncture can be used safely to treat a wide range of common health problems and can be used alongside conventional medicine.”

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